ScholarPrep was featured in the inaugural issue of Biz417, a bi-monthly publication highlighting entrepreneurs, up and coming professionals and area experts. The article calls us a “studious start-up” and focuses on our commitment to making college more accessible.

The Big Idea

“Mother-daughter duo Christina and Jordan Schanda are natural organizers, so when Jordan began preparing for college applications, the two began creating goals and to-do lists, tracking work and extracurricular hours and collecting recommendation letters in a spiral-bound notebook with monthly check-ins to avoid an at-the-deadline scramble. When other time-pressed parents and stressed-out students caught wind of their notebook, they asked for the Schandas’ secrets. The two pooled their strategies into an easy-to-follow college preparation workbook, and from there, ScholarPrep was born.”

Read the full article: Start Up: ScholarPrep – Biz 417 – November 2015