Every aspect of the ScholarPrep Organizer was carefully designed with students and parents in mind. ScholarPrep is a comprehensive organizational tool to ensure students are prepared to compete for college acceptance and the scholarships they need to pay for their education. Read below to learn more about some of the most important features – or simply skip to the end for the FREEBIE :-).

Monthly Log


Using the Monthly Log at the beginning of the book is key to setting goals and tracking information before it’s forgotten. Students will be most successful if they commit to going through their Organizer once a month. Be sure to log the date of each monthly session.

Storage Pockets


Most sections of the organizer contain a handy storage pocket for easy access to important documents. Tracking and saving hardcopies of test scores, letters of recommendation, or community service verification letters in their corresponding sections will save you time when you need them for your applications.

Quick Tips


Reading over the quick tips in each section is a great way to jog your memory when trying to recall what you need to record from the last month. This is also the easiest way to create or update your goals and to-do list for the upcoming month or brainstorm possible opportunities that match your interests.

Tracking and Organization


Tracking all of your information from four years of high school will be less overwhelming if done a little bit each month rather than right before applications are due. Each section of ScholarPrep includes tracking pages where you can organize every detail of your high school experience.

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