Get into college and earn the scholarships to pay for it.

ScholarPrep is a comprehensive planning system that guides and supports families through high school in preparation for the college and scholarship application process.

Benefits of ScholarPrep:

  • Serves as a guide for building a high school resume
  • Encourages students to start planning for their future now
  • Prepares students for the application process
  • Reduces the amount time it takes to fill out applications
  • Makes the process of applying less overwhelming
  • Gives students a tangible record of their hard work and planning

For students, parents, schools and mentors


The ScholarPrep Organizer

The ScholarPrep Organizer covers every section that a student will encounter on a college or scholarship application, provides helpful tips and information, helps students set goals and tracks everything that they will need when it comes time to apply. The Organizer was carefully designed with students and parents in mind.

The Online Course

In our comprehensive online course, families learn how to create their perfect system for staying organized and on top of college-prep deadlines. By the end of the course, parents and students will have the inside scoop on how to stand out against other applicants and be well on your way to creating impressive applications!

The School Program

ScholarPrep serves to bridge the gap between students, parents, counselors, and mentors to empower students to prepare for the college and scholarship application process. We can work together to increase college readiness and reduce the pressure placed on high school counselors and the administration. 

What are parents saying about ScholarPrep?

As a mom of three, two of which have gone through the college process and one still in high school, I love everything about the ScholarPrep Organizer. I know how important organization is in the process of applying for college (and scholarships!) and am excited to use the book as a valuable tool while my youngest son is still in high school. Not only is it full of excellent information and timely tips, the organizer is well made and easy to understand how to use. Great job!

Monica, Mom of Three Boys

Thank you for the amazing resource you have created. I first started going through the ScholarPrep Organizer and was blown away by the simple step-by-step process to get on track and stay on track. I have at my fingertips a complete system to start and get my daughter’s records organized. With this at my disposal, I am confident that this will not be the chore I have so been dreading. We will be ready! Again, thanks for creating something for parents that is so thorough and easy to follow.

Leah, Mom of a High School Sophomore

My how I wish we had this two years ago! We will make it, but starting half way through my son’s junior year seems late! Thank you for this wonderful organizational tool! What a wonderful guide! And this is coming from a former event planner turned kinder teacher!! So I get how important organization is! You’ve made this very doable!

Beth, Mom of a High School Junior

This is a fantastic book. It has made the daunting task of preparing for college so much easier! It allows us to keep everything extremely organized. We will never have to second guess whether or not we are missing something. I am so thankful that we got this my daughter’s freshman year of high school!

Angi, Mom of a High School Student

The ScholarPrep Organizer helps students get into college and earn the scholarships to pay for it!