With all of the opportunities that exist for students to get involved – there is an increasing need for groups and organizations to hold fundraisers to support student engagement. Unfortunately, we only need so many candles, chocolate bars, suckers, rolls of wrapping paper and stacks of magazines. 

Being heavily involved in student clubs and sports in high school, I remember how often we would fundraise.

“I was always asking friends and family members to buy magazine subscriptions, chocolate bars, wacky flavored suckers, or coupon books.”

Fundraisers with a purpose

Wouldn’t it be nice if these fundraisers had a purpose in addition to supporting your student’s activities?

What if a fundraiser could make college more accessible, help students earn the scholarships they need to pay for their education, AND raise money for your cause?

As a way to help families prepare for college, while also supporting students in their extracurricular activities, we are now offering a ScholarPrep Fundraiser Program. 

This is a great way for any group or organization to raise money, while at the same time, giving families access to valuable college-prep resources at a discount!

ScholarPrep Fundraiser Program

Here are the basic details about the program:

25 % Discount

Anyone who purchases a ScholarPrep product using your special promo code will receive 25% OFF their entire purchase!

HALF the Proceeds

You will receive half of the proceeds from every sale made using your unique promo code!

  • Example: Organizers
    • Let’s say someone buys the $55 ScholarPrep Portfolio Organizer:
      • They would receive 25% OFF for a total cost of $41.25 (they save $13.75)
      • You would earn half of the price they pay = $20.63
      • If you sell 10 of these Organizers, you would earn $206.30!
  • Example: Online Course
    • Let’s say someone buys the $247 Essentials Course Bundle:
      • They would receive 25% OFF for a total cost of $185.25 (they save $61.75)
      • You would earn half of the price they pay = $92.63
      • If 10 people enroll in the course, you would earn $926.30!

How does it work?

You will receive a unique promo code so that we can track the sales of Organizers and the course. You will most likely have a combination of sales of both products, depending on how you promote your fundraiser.

We take care of shipping all of the products you sell as part of your fundraiser! All you have to do is promote the products and share your unique promo code. Customers will order directly from our website and we will ship their ScholarPrep Organizer directly to them. 

Interested in learning more? Check out our Fundraiser Information Packet or submit a Fundraiser Application today!

Inside the Fundraiser Information Packet, you’ll learn:

  • why you’ll be excited to promote this fundraiser
  • all about the products families can purchase
  • what parents and experts have to say about ScholarPrep
  • and how to get started!

By working with you, your student, your school, or your organization we can help students achieve their dream of attending college, reduce the burden of higher education and support student activities!

ScholarPrep is a tracking and organizational system that prepares families for the college and scholarship application process. Our ScholarPrep Organizers encourage students to start planning for their future as soon as they begin their freshman year of high school by setting goals, getting organized and tracking their progress.

“The Freshman classes at Forsyth High School have been provided the ScholarPrep Organizers each of the past three years. These books have proven to be a valuable tool for parents and students alike as they navigate the road towards post-secondary education. The organizers are easy to use, succinct in their instructions, and provide a tangible one-stop-shop for all of the various elements necessary for college admission. I highly recommend this product!” 

– Christian Meier, Principal at Forsyth High School

Raise money and help families prepare for college Raise money for a cause and help families prepare for college