This is Issue #3 of our Top Tweets Tuesday series where we share the top college prep tweets we’ve come across to make planning for college just a little bit easier. Whether your student is just starting high school or you’re on your 15th campus tour this year, we hope we can offer a little insight and reassurance on your college bound journey. 

The College Essay Guy is the ultimate go-to resource for all things college essay related. We love this post because it gives students the opportunity to take a look at a REAL essay. After getting lost in the example, you can click the link at the end to see the College Essay Guy’s analysis of why this essay is great and how it illustrates the 5 essential principles of writing a good essay. Check out the post!

This one really got us. We still aren’t quite sure if this is a typo or a clever tactic for grabbing our attention. Intentional or not, it worked! We just had to know what they did! Check out the article for some practical tips to prepare for college.

First off, it is essential that parents and students understand the “superscore” concept. Second, you need to know if you will even get to use your superscore. Check out this post for a downloadable list of all colleges and universities who accept ACT superscores.

We absolutely love the simplicity of this tweet. Kim, great minds think alike! We have been talking about this all summer! Students need to be reflecting on their experiences, journaling and then using these insights to write a great college essay!

Wondering if your student should enroll in AP courses? Find out what other parents have to say about the experience – good and bad. Check out the post to read the thoughts, concerns and insights of parents in the Grown and Flown community.

Homeschooling your student can present unique obstacles and opportunities when preparing them for college. Lauren always does an amazing job interviewing college prep experts on her podcast, and this is no exception. Listen to the full episode to find out what a homeschooling mom of 7 had to say about the college admission process.

Have a great week and see you next Tuesday!