This is Issue #11 of our Top Tweets Tuesday series where we share the top college prep tweets we’ve come across to make planning for college just a little bit easier. Whether you’re just starting high school or you’re on your 15th campus tour this year, we hope we can offer a little insight and reassurance on your college bound journey. 

Happy National College Application Month! Looking for a quick checklist of best practices and tips for applying to college? Well here it is, courtesy of ACT. Check it twice 😉

You know us – we’re all about organization! We love these strategies for getting organized and staying on top of the application process. Our favorite: create a college calendar (and set reminders and alerts)!

If taking the new SAT is on your to-do list, here are some great tips to help you get familiar with the new test and do your best. As always, a little planning goes a long way in being prepared.

Did you think LinkedIn was just for business professionals? Us too, but it may become the perfect platform for high school students to showcase their skills and involvement and give them an edge when applying to college.

Here are 5 questions students should ask after they finish their essays. These questions will ensure that your essays will tell your story, meet the requirements and actually be enjoyable to read 😉

See you next Tuesday!