This is Issue #10 of our Top Tweets Tuesday series where we share the top college prep tweets we’ve come across to make planning for college just a little bit easier. Whether you’re just starting high school or you’re on your 15th campus tour this year, we hope we can offer a little insight and reassurance on your college-bound journey. 

If you have not yet filed your FAFSA, here is the first step to getting that done: create a FSA ID. Remember, financial aid is first-come, first-served!

We hear a lot about college debt and the statistics can be frightening. In fact, according to this article, the average debt for a 2016 graduate is $37,172 and the average monthly student loan payment for borrowers ages 20-30 is $351! Avoiding this level of debt takes planning, saving and informed decision making.

This one speaks for itself! Happy National Scholarship Month and good luck on your search!

Avoiding the FAFSA because you have questions? If a student’s parents are divorced or separated, filling can be confusing. Jessica Velasco breaks it down so you know who’s information to include.

This quote sums up the importance of this article and the tips they have to offer: “Most families don’t really understand what’s going on until it’s too late. They often end up with either disappointing results or too much debt, or both. Becoming fully educated about the entire process before even applying to schools will save you time, heartache, and money.”

To wrap things up this week, we have a little inspiration and motivation for the seniors out there: just keep on keeping on! Stressing will only waste your time and energy. Instead, focus on the task at hand. Good luck!

See you next week!