This is Issue #14 of our Top Tweets Tuesday series where we share the top college prep tweets we’ve come across to make planning for college just a little bit easier. Whether you’re just starting high school or you’re on your 15th campus tour this year, we hope we can offer a little insight and reassurance on your college-bound journey.

The changes to the FAFSA this year are causing some confusion about financial aid deadlines. It is IMPERATIVE that students check with the colleges to find out WHAT needs to be submitted and WHEN. Read the full article, from financial aid expert, Jodi Okun…

I’m asked all the time: “how do we narrow down this college list – where do we start?” Luckily, School Wise has put together a list of actionable steps for you to follow! There are many factors to consider when choosing your college – following these steps will ensure you have considered every angle.

You know we love organizing! But we couldn’t believe our luck when this article started out talking about “streamlining the process.” Thank you Education Quest for these 4 tips for how to organize the scholarship search – there’s even talk of checklists and calendars (our favorites)!

Not all students want to use their winter break for binge watching Netflix – but we don’t judge those of you who do. Instead, if you want to gain an advantage for the upcoming year, here are some great tips for using your time wisely. Working ahead in those AP classes could give you that extra edge you need to do well on your exams in May!

We say this all the time – start early. Preparation for college should start the summer after you graduate 8th grade! If you’re wondering what to do to prepare freshman year, check out this list of resources from IvyWise!

Self-discovery is a key part of the college-bound journey. In fact, it is essential for building a college list that fits your personality, goals, and budget. Jessica has put together a great list of questions to consider before making your college list.

Great stuff this week! See you next Tuesday!