How you spend your high school days matters for your future. Academic clubs offer students another way of being engaged outside of the regular classroom setting. Being involved in academic clubs can open doors for your future and give you some social networking time with friends. School subjects, career fields, technology, or a special interest topic can be the focus of an academic club.

Why get involved in academic clubs?

Getting involved in a club is a great way to find your passion.

Ask yourself, “What could I spend the rest of my life doing?

If you don’t know, think about your favorite subjects and try out some clubs offered at your school. Don’t spread yourself too thin, but don’t be scared to try multiple clubs to find a good fit!

So, what happens when you join a club?

You might…

  • Meet like-minded individuals.
  • Learn more about topics that interest you.
  • Look good on college admissions, scholarship and job applications because they all look for students who are engaged during their high school career.
  • Get exposed to new opportunities.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in competitions and receive awards.
  • Attend conventions.
  • Take fun field trips.
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities with other students.
  • Meet mentors who offer invaluable information, knowledge and expertise.

Bonus Tip: You need to show leadership experience on college, scholarship, and job applications. Utilize clubs to seek out leadership opportunities and don’t forget to track your leadership experience as well as awards and honors from clubs! There is a section in your ScholarPrep Organizer for this!

High School Academic Clubs

Most high schools offer many different clubs and activities to engage students outside of the classroom. Not all clubs are offered at every school, but there is at least one club for every student.

Some clubs may directly correlate with a class, such as Journalism. Students who might not be able to fit a class into their schedule but want to be involved can join a club as a way to get involved and gain experience in an area that interests them.

Below is a list of clubs a student might find at their high school. This is not a comprehensive list, but it will give you an idea of what could be offered at your school!

Academic clubs

If a certain club is not offered at your school, don’t hesitate to reach out to a teacher or other school employee to start one! If you are interested in it, then chances are that there are other students who are too! You can initiate it, gain leadership experience in starting the club and reach out to like-minded students to get them involved. This is exactly what college and scholarship committee like to see – students taking initiate!

Academic clubs give students the opportunity to learn teamwork, build a sense of culture and community, and to apply academic skills in a real-world context; therefore, you get a more well-rounded education. Getting involved in academic clubs not only looks good on applications, but gives you a new perspective and experience. You will possibly meet and get to know other students and teachers you may not have met in a regular classroom setting. You’ll get to experience learning topics in a different and fresh way. Make joining at least one club a priority.