Our College-Prep Resource Feature series gives parents and students an opportunity to learn about a valuable resource available to them on their college-bound journey. Once or twice a month, we choose a new resource that we have found valuable. Many of the resources we feature are free, while others cost – we always try to include some kind of discount when we share these type of resources! 

Resource: Noodle Pros

Noodle Pros

In a few sentences, explain the purpose of Noodle Pros:

Great test prep that is reliable, effective, and efficient can be hard to find. With that in mind, Noodle Pros has assembled a cohort of the most experienced tutors in the business, who are available in varied locations and remotely. Working with a Noodle Pro ensures a professional, worry-free experience, and eliminates the hassle of searching for a tutor, monitoring progress, and going back to the drawing board if the desired outcome isn’t met. We know test prep is important and effective, and we want to make sure you get the best prep for your needs.

How was Noodle Pros created?

We formed Noodle Pros to bring together a group of only professional, trained, and highly-experienced tutors with a strong word-of-mouth referral business, ensuring that parents can trust in the quality of any tutor they get from us. Parents also no longer have to conduct a new tutor search every time there’s a different subject need – they just have to contact us for a match.

How does it work?

Students are matched with a tutor based on their specific needs, and their tutors then develop customized prep programs. Our tutors meet with students to work with them in person or online.           

Why is using Noodle Pros so important?

At various points throughout their academic career, students will face stumbling blocks and require additional help, and inevitably take standardized tests. At Noodle Pros, we provide trusted help at any stage, from Pre-K through graduate school. In academic tutoring, a great tutor can quickly identify areas of improvement and set a focused program to get the student back on the path to success. For test prep, a great tutor can use their mastery of the test to accurately diagnose the student’s testing needs and hone in on techniques to significantly improve students’ scores. And for students with learning differences, a specialist can help with executive functioning skills, preparation and planning, and extra-time testing.

Who does this benefit?

Students who are looking for clear and measurable tutoring results, and parents who are looking for a worry-free tutor experience.

When should someone start using Noodle Pros?

Students should start working with a tutor as soon as they think they need help. Particularly with test prep, it is good to start as early as possible.

What problem does this solve?

Noodle Pros is the premier one-stop service for trusted, high-quality tutoring in all subjects and tests.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with families on the college-bound journey?

Don’t wait until the last minute to get help. The college-bound journey is a long and sometimes difficult one. If students wait until they are struggling and running out of time, improving their grades will be harder, and test prep more high-stakes. By working with the right tutor when they early on in the admissions process, students will be much more well-equipped to excel on standardized tests, and learn transferable skills they will use to succeed in high school and college.

Anything else we should know?

During the month of April, Noodle Pros is offering complimentary 30-minute tutoring consultations to the ScholarPrep community. Please fill out this form to tell us more about your tutoring needs and we will be in touch to schedule the consultation. To learn more about our tutors and subject/test offerings, visit www.noodlepros.com.