Our College-Prep Resource Feature series gives parents and students an opportunity to learn about a valuable resource available to them on their college-bound journey. Once or twice a month, we choose a new resource that we have found valuable. Many of the resources we feature are free, while others cost – we always try to include some kind of discount when we share these type of resources! 

Resource: MyTuitionScore

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What’s the purpose of MyTuitionScore? 

MyTuitionScore is an all in one college planning resource, focusing on financial aid. This report will give you an in-depth picture of your college financial situation. MyTuitionScore allows you to better understand and prepare for the college investment and all that can help minimize it. You will find out where you stand on finances, scholarships, knowledge and more!

What’s the story behind MyTuitionScore?

I would say that 9/10 people admittedly do not have anywhere near the information and knowledge on paying for college that they need.  I saw the huge lack of information and knowledge being provided to families by their high schools– too few counselors, too little time and too many kids. Families were needing more help. The Internet is like a fire hydrant of information. MyTuitionScore makes it possible to take sips of water from the hydrant. Families know their credit score, they should also know their tuition score.

How does it work?

Families can create a free account online, answer some questions and then generate a report!

Why is using to MyTuitionScore so important?

Knowledge and preparedness are power when facing this huge and overwhelming college investment. We cannot continue to blindly invest, and certainly not blindly borrow, for the college degree at the rate we are doing so, without making sure it is done right and for the right reasons.

Who will benefit from using MyTuitionScore?

Any family that is sending a student to college.

When should someone start using MyTuitionScore?

As early as possible, certainly by sophomore or junior year high school!

What problem does this solve?

We don’t know what we don’t know. Most of America is in the dark when it comes to the best way to navigate the college planning and financial aid process.  It is one of the largest and most important investments families make, yet they really lack in resources to feel confident about minimizing the cost and maximizing the return. MyTuitionScore gives them understanding of the whole process and where the mistakes and myths exist.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with families on the college-bound journey?

  1. Learn everything about the financial aid process and your options. One mistake can cost tens of thousands of dollars!
  2. Research, research, research. Spend the time to learn everything.  Either find the time or hire someone to help.
  3. Every situation is different. Do NOT take advice from family and friends just because they have done this and think they know what’s best.  They often do not.

Anything else we should know about MyTuitionScore?

MyTuitionScore is a partner all the way through the process, keep updating your report.

We offer a FREE report, or you can upgrade to the full-access report for a detailed analysis of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and an explanation of what this means and how it affects the total cost of attendance. The full report also provides the estimated amount of money needed at the time college will begin, a financial aid checklist, a college loan manual, and an analysis of the return on college investment upon graduation for up to 9 schools.

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