College and scholarship review boards often look for leadership qualities. Students who can lead are considered motivated, confident and problem-solvers. Filling in your leadership resume will draw from all the other sections of your high school resume.

Some tips to keep in mind when thinking about leadership:

  • Leadership doesn’t mean outgoing.
    • Don’t be intimidated at the thought of taking on a leadership role.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the idea that leadership is defined by officer titles like president, secretary or treasurer.
  • Create your own opportunities for leadership experience.
    • Start brainstorming ways to create your own leadership role:
      • Is there an event coming up that needs someone to plan it?
      • Is there a need at your school or in your community that no one is addressing?

There are always opportunities that require someone to step up.

  • Keep track of anything that recognizes your leadership roles.
    • Examples include newspaper articles or pictures.
  • If you have an area of emphasis, strive for leadership roles that compliment that interest.
    • Interests could include music, sports, journalism, or politics

Here are some ideas and examples of leadership positions:

  • Captain or manager of a team
  • Student government positions
  • Committee chairs
  • Fundraiser organizers
  • Club officers
  • Team leader or organizer for an event
  • Club founder
  • Shift leader or management at place of employment
  • Creator of a new project or initiative

Quick Tips:

  • Seek out leadership experience in your areas of interest.
  • Create your own opportunities if needed.
  • Track any leadership roles you take on, even if they don’t come with a title.
  • Keep items that recognize your leadership role – this demonstrates distinction


We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. What are some ideas or examples that you have for leadership positions?