It is important to pursue recognition in the form of honors and awards during high school. This demonstrates commitment and distinction, something that will create an impressive application and set you apart from other applicants.

TIP: Keep any certificates, ribbons, photos, and even newspaper articles stored together in your storage container. Make sure you also log all of these awards and honors in your ScholarPrep Organizer.

Honors and AwardsAwards and honors will draw from all of the other sections, but need to be tracked independently. This will be helpful when filling out applications that include an entire section specifically for awards and honors.

Distinction received in an area of emphasis being tracked in one of the blank sections of your Organizer should also be recorded in the Honors and Awards section. This will ensure that the information is organized and easily accessible depending on the focus of each application.

For example, if your area of emphasis is music and you received an award at a music contest, it would be recorded in the Honors and Awards section and your Music section.

Tip: Remember to include team awards. Even if you do not have access to the physical award, team awards should still be listed in this section’s log.

Keep in mind that not every award or honor will come with a certificate, or other physical representation like those mentioned above. Do not restrict yourself to those forms of recognition. Any type of recognition or achievement should be logged.

The most important advice we can give you about distinction is: take initiative and create your own opportunities. You just have to think about how you can go above and beyond and stand out against the crowd.


How are you demonstrating distinction? Let us know in the comments below!