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It’s mid-March, and it seems like colleges are releasing decisions every day. Now that high school seniors have heard/will be hearing shortly about all of their college acceptances, it’s time to pick a school! After you know where you’ve been accepted, there are a couple things you can do to make the process of choosing where you’ll be attending easier.

Join the Facebook group

Most schools have created Facebook groups for their prospective students to join. There are often current students in the group as well- they can answer any questions about college life you may have! You will also get a feel for the types of classmates you would have and whether or not you think you would fit in. Searching for “(college name) Class of 2020” on Facebook will usually find the group for you.

Compare all of the colleges you’ve been accepted to

Weighing the pros and cons of the universities can be overwhelming! Laying all the facts out on a spreadsheet can be a great way to compare colleges to each other. Make sure to check out this free printable for help!


Attending an admitted student day (or just visiting campus) can be a great way to get a feel for the campus atmosphere. Even if you have visited before, it can be beneficial to go again.

Attend an admitted student reception in your area

If you live far from campus, the college admissions department may have coordinated a reception in your area. These functions are usually held at a local restaurant or hotel and can be very beneficial to attend! There are usually parents, alumni, staff, and students present to answer any questions you have.

Apply for scholarships

Keep applying for scholarships after you’ve been accepted! Free money is always a good thing. Look for school specific scholarships (on the college’s website) as well as local and national opportunities.

Best of luck narrowing down your college options!


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