ScholarPrep® was created by Jordan and her mother, Christina, based on their personal experiences with the college and scholarship application process. The mother-daughter team developed ScholarPrep after Jordan’s successful yet, overwhelming and stressful, experience applying for college and scholarships. At that same time, Christina was serving on scholarship review boards. She discovered what students were doing wrong, which parts of the applications they were struggling with the most and was shocked that several scholarships went unawarded because not a single student applied. Christina quickly realized that there was a wide gap between students who knew how to fill out applications and those who had no idea what was involved.

The duo decided to create a tracking system for Jordan’s little brother, who was just about to start high school. They put together a binder with all of the information they had learned, including a plan for his high school career. The binder would not only track the information needed to fill out applications, but also guide his choices to produce a well-rounded student. The ultimate goal was to give him a competitive edge for scholarships and college acceptance.

Christina began sharing bits and pieces with other parents around town. When several parents asked to see the binder, Jordan and Christina decided to organize all of their ideas into a more formal Organizer. They knew there had to be a better way for parents and students to prepare for the application process without stress, without getting overwhelmed, and without missing out on opportunities.

This is how the ScholarPrep® was born. The ScholarPrep® Organizer is a planning and organizational system for parents and students. It covers every section that a student will encounter on a college or scholarship application. For each section, it provides valuable tips and information, helps students set goals and track the information they will need to fill out applications, and also keeps college application materials organized.